Make sure you are mentally prepared for the day, every day

MyBrain365, powered by The Roberto App, is a program that allows you to continually monitor the brain performance. It takes the guess work out of knowing you are ready for the day, no matter the challenge or opportunity.  

The Roberto App is based on pencil-and-paper and tabletop apparatus tests used for more than 50 years to measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance. And it’s fun! You play a series of video games that tests different areas of the brain.  

  • Accessible anywhere 24/7 on any mobile device
  • Each session produces a unique Brain Performance Profile report that can be tracked and shared with physicians, coaches, families and more
  • Includes tips for improving brain health from Dr. Paul Nussbaum and boosting performance from Gus Frerotte, and improving learning from Mike Hauser
  • Memory, balance, decision making and reaction time all are included
  • 15-day free trial allows you to establish your "normal range"—data that can be crucial in the event of illness, injury or accident.
  • The Roberto App is endorsed by the American Mental Wellness Association

“Your brain is the most important system in your body, the epicenter for all bodily functions. It just makes good sense to regularly monitor it. With the MyBrain 365 program, you get objective information—1,300 data points—about your brain performance.” –

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Founder Brain Health Center, Wexford PA

“There is a reason peak performers use their FitBits, Apple Watches and other devices to count steps and chart physical activity. Those devices spur you to keep exercising. Shouldn’t you be doing something like that for your brain?” 

Gus Frerotte, 15-year NFL Veteran

“Every student’s ability to achieve optimum success in school, and in life after graduation, depends upon whether or not they have a healthy and well-performing brain. MyBrain365 is a fast, fun and effective way for them to establish the regular habit of monitoring and managing their brain health.” 

Mike Hauser, M.Ed., Retired High School Principal